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perfect!! I will be playing this forever!

I love the game - they are so cute!  I do have some that glitch and just keep bouncing in one location.  Also, if houses could be added where they could go in and out of the doors, that would be great.  With more items to build, would definitely be a payable to playable game!  Thanks!

If you spawn a lot of creatures and a lot of apples, some of the creatures will be constantly jumping around the apples place and I think they're worshipping it now =D

interesting game but, i noticed sometimes the animals get stuck, it looks like a bug maybe or maybe i might be missing something here otherwise nice job.

Pardon my ignorance but how do I download the Mac version of this? :)

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Sorry! I thought I had it up I'm still very new to uploading projects on I will try to fix this, thankyou

Awesome! Looking forward to give this a shot :D

If possible tell me if the MAC download worked for you. It'd be awesome to know, and I hope it does!