ludum dare submission [LINK].
Theme: The more you have the worse it gets.

This is a game about farming, selling mushrooms and somehow keeping things under control.

In this world the food is sentient, cute and also sells for a good price so you own a private farm with a fancy little robot who automates some of the picking.

However, it’s not as simple as it seems. The mushrooms grow at an alarming rate. The management of your farm is vital due to the nature of the livestock you deal in. These mushrooms hate being packed together in small spaces and will begin leaking out corruption when their emotions get too volatile, which begins attracting unwanted visitors from beyond the reaches of your farm.

These unwanted visitors are far tougher than the small mushrooms you’re used to. They constantly feed off of the corruption, making them far more resilient and tenacious than your average sentient vegetation. To deal with these circumstances, you have assembled a small arsenal to mitigate some of the threat these unwanted visitors may pose.

On top of this, you can upgrade your robot to be able to collect mushrooms for you faster. These utilities that you possess will be vital in maintaining your farm and keeping your produce healthy and untouched by the unwanted guests.


NMRL Windows 19 MB