A downloadable game for Windows


made during LudumDare 39. [LUDUM DARE LINK]


Made solo during LudumDare 39.

the theme was : Running out of power.

Battle Bois a game about controlling a swarm of little creatures that are constantly needing to eat star-shaped rocks for power. When they run out of power they become weak and can be defeated by the enemy easier. The player’s star power is constantly draining.

I did all art & programming & Sound effects in the jam version. I also don’t do programming too often, I mostly do the art side of things … despite this I gave solo ludumdare jam a shot anyways ! 

hope you enjoy~


W,A,S,D :

Move Player Character


Your units follow the cursor. Right and left mouse button presses select and deselect units. Holding down the mouse press changes the range of the selection and how spread out the Boi units are.

Scroll Wheel:

Zoom in and out.


bring up menu.


BattleBois ld39 v 2 BugFix.zip 19 MB